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Your child's health and happiness will depend on his or her body chemistry, like their faces, being different from all but an identical twin's. The environment will soon make even a twin's chemistry different. Your health care provider should have experience treating people with different considerations for different people. A medical doctors internship and residency are years practicing medicine, the dealing with different body chemistries. For this experience you should consider your health care provider part of your health team.

This site means to help you learn what you can find and where, when looking for your child's health and happiness solutions. The search engine on your computers internet connection is very informative. You don't have a computer? Your local library will probably have several and the librarian will help you get started. Some problems are for your student's health on topics such as ADHD/ADD,attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and attention-defict disorder which are school issues. Because childhood problems seem to go away we don't always give them the care they deserve. Actually they don't always go away but are covered by the increasing size of the body.

You will find reference to the German Commission E which determined which herbs and supplements are approved in Germany. The summary of the reports translated by the American Botanical Society is over 600 pages of information on phytomedicines (green).

Since I started on the ADHD investigation I've come to the conclusion that at least subsets of the epidemics of ADD/ADHD, autism and Alzheimer's center around the same problem, heavy metal poisoning. As I read books on the problems my thoughts are that we are making a big mistake with government health care. You are looking for leadership in the health industry from the same people who brought you the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), NIH (National Institude of Health) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control). These people look at increases in the number of required vaccines and increases in three big threats to our health and refuse to consider the items can be related. Probably no small part is the fact that Dr. Hugh Fudenberg MD wrote a paper (another of over 800 peer-reviewed articles) stating that people who had five consecutive years of flu vaccines between 1970 and 1980 had ten times the probability of Alzheimer's than those who had no flu shots. Dr. Fudenberg is now considered by the provaccine crowd to be like one of those who had five consecutive flu shots and dementia. Doctor's have a history of abusing those who question the status quo. Many years ago Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis was put in an insane assylem and his death announced two weeks later. His sin in the eyes of his fellow doctors, suggesting that if they washed their hands there would be fewer deadly infections.

We have guest authors whose articles represent opinions of people more competant than ourselves. We also comment on additional work on the issues. The list below can lead you to these functions.

I'm probably presenting the con for vaccines because I feel that there has been large coverups and no information to the public. Most first world countries have organizations like the USA National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program The USA program is more secret than most. $2.0 billion paid since 1988. As you read the con in the vaccine oriented portion of this site you may see why.

I would think the following should be minimum for vaccines:

The immunity to criminal procedures it the most damming evidence for malfeasence by Big Pharma.

A lady has a boy with autism and was very indignent when a study clearing mercury of causing autism didn't include a single autistic child, seems all had been eliminated for reasons like underweight, premature, dropped from the study, etc.

I would suggest you read Ty Bollinger's book Cancer- Step Outside the Box. Most of the material in this book seems to be factual and worth the read. The material should be considered controversial but with considerable truth concerning Big Pharma and the government control of our health. Big pharma has a reputation for paying for the results they want wheither in clinical trials or in toxin reports or in FDA results even to denying grants to those who cross their aims and to hiring those who aid their aims.

You may wonder about Ty Bollingers book until you read Dr. Stephanie Cave's book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccations and with a little searching you can find many experts agreeing with them. Both books are worth your read and time. Also a little time on Immunization History, Ethics, Law and Health Cathrine J. M. Diodati M.A. which was the result of the lady's Master's thesis at Windson University, Windsor, Onterio, Canada. It would be interesting to know how much was "peer" reviewed by her oral thesis defense. The subject was brought to the lady's mind from watching her son uncommunitave and screaming for a week after a group of vaccine shots.

The fault lies in the voters, when you expect the people we send to Washington to get us more pork barrel projects than the next politician its no wonder that their friends and appointees are not interested in our benefits and health.

We will also discuss student's health as to learning, i.e. your student needs to learn math tables because without ready recall of math facts your student will be handicaped in later classes, math, chemistry, physics and other sciences. where examples will not be clear as: 4Y=28; Y=7, or apples are 8 cents each how much are 7 apples? As these questions are used for examples your student will not have time to run the problem through his or her calculator. Time spent with your student learning the basic arithmetic facts: multiplication, division, addition and subtraction is time well spent.

It's all well and good that you can use a calculator to do your grocery shopping at your own pace but, your student needs to follow examples without confusion and questions on the simple facts.

I strongly ask you to consider helping with memory tasks, learning religious items, i.e. John 3.16 or what your religeon presents, school class tasks such as HOMES the mnemonic for the great lakes Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior. We have added an article on memory aids, based on material from Jerry Lucas' book. I have witnessed a class in a foreign language where current college students didn't even attempt an assigned poem of less than fifty lines.

YCH 2012

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YCH 2012

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Our intent is to add to the list of subjects on a regular basis, hopefully a couple of items per week.

YCH 2012

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